NYC Sky Condo

The brief of AWR was to design a high rise building which will support the local residents by providing urban grown food, in a vertical farming, this is in conjunction to how high rise buildings have a higher population density than a villa with similar footprint, allows the vertical farming to increase production, and due to the automation of the vertical farming, it allows the plants to receive the same amount of sunlight.

The brief did not specify the rest of the programme, hence why a café and a bakery as well as a small theatre was introduced into the programme, which will use the food harvested in the vertical farm, and introduce it to the locals.

One of the main features that was answered by the AWR team was if it can be connected to the highline, this allowed me to use the highline as a vantage point to which joggers or people who are enjoying the park can use the building more effectively, a common problem that is found in urban sprawls is the lack of disabled access, to counter this, I have added a series of long ramps that extend from the street level all the way up to the highline, as the disabled access is far in between.

From the mood boards the aim was to go for a building that will allow maximum amount of sunlight and also has clean lines.

The light study of the building was made to allow those who use the building in the morning to have enough sunlight for one hour every day of the year, I would have designed it to allow the highline more sunlight during the morning hours, but this would directly affect the efficiency of the vertical farm.

The vertical farm’s face is perpendicular to the sun motion in winter time, this will allow the building to absorb more sun during winter when the day is shorter.

The orientation of the vertical farm is parallel with the glass panels, which will increase its efficiency instead of having a straight rail.

NYC Vertical Farm + Condo

AWR Competition Submission